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Parallel court rulings for HAG’s client in IP case.
  • 12/01/2022

Parallel court rulings for HAG’s client in IP case.

Hussam Attereh Group, successfully acquired parallel rulings, at the Courts of First Instance and Cessation, in 2021, by which it acquitted its clients from criminal charges brought against them for alleged imitation and use of a registered trademark and attained a decision to cancel an infringing and registered trademark. Whereby, the Group, on behalf of its clients, appealed a rejected cancelation application at the Trademark’s Office of an infringing registered trademark. The appeal at the Court of Cessation, called for an overrule of the Trademark Office’s decision to reject the cancelation as the Group’s attorneys demonstrated that the client previously used the mark in its course of business, as well as successfully convinced the Court that the opposition’s trademark application had been filed under the wrong class, 35. In conclusion the Court ruled in favour of the Group’s clients and reversed the Trademarks’ Office decision, to which the Group proceeded to use the latter verdict to acquire an acquittal of the clients in the parallel criminal lawsuit brought against them in the Court of First Instance.