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Tax Law

Our tax team is composed of experienced tax lawyers and consultants that are able to offer legal advice enhanced with their technical knowledge and expertise, which they acquired through years of experience. We represent our clients on the tax aspects of all corporate, commercial, and financial transactions.

We also provide a general tax and stand-alone tax consultancy service and offer constructive and innovative tax solutions to all problems.

Services include:

  • Advising new and existing corporate clients on the taxation obligations, which arise from the type of corporate structure and/or business activities pursued;
  • Assisting and advising clients on whether and which categories of income (e.g. capital gains, sales of investments, dividends) are subject to income tax;
  • Reviewing, on behalf of clients, tax assessment decisions issued by authorities and ensuring that such decisions are compliant with the applicable tax laws and regulations;
  • Negotiating and reaching settlements with income tax authorities on behalf of clients; and
  • Challenging, by way of appeal, tax assessment decisions at the Tax Appeal Court.