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Telecommunication & Information Technology

In light of the growing role of social media in recent times, and it no longer being limited to operating as a window for communication between individuals, but rather providing some of the most important tools for influencing and shaping public opinion and acting as a strong commercial instrument, whereby a huge amount of personal data is being processed, transferred and stored on the said platforms, the group has played a major role in providing legal services to its clients in order to protect their interests in ensuring the proper application of privacy and cybercrime laws, while the protection of personal data is being preserved.

Moreover, HAG possess, both, a pioneering experience in the field of legal regulation of the information technology sector in addition to a extensive experience in advising its clients and guiding them through relevant laws to remain ahead of the market. The group worked with and advised an array of local and international clients to launch and maintain multiple application, platforms and services in the Palestinian market. The group provides its clients with guidance on multiple fronts, from the legal requirements necessary to launch, operate and license programs, software and applications, in addition to the mechanism by which they can avoid the risk of violating customer privacy and other prevailing laws.